The first quality control laboratory
accredited by ESYD tested asphalt
mixtures according to EN

Aggregates and Geotechnical Engineering Testing Equipment

Indicative, the aggregates and geotechnical engineering testing equipment includes:

  1. Full set of sieves
  2. Full set of bar sieves for the determination of flakiness index
  3. Shape gauge for the determination of shape index
  4. Efflux index apparatus
  5. Sand equivalent testing set
  6. Methylene blue testing set
  7. Microdeval testing machine
  8. Los Angeles testing machine
  9. Sand absorption cone and tamper
  10. Bulk density and voids of aggregates measures
  11. Specific gravity pyknometer
  12. Cradle for holding specimens to be weighted in the water (for determination of particle density and water absorption of aggregates)
  13. Evaporating dishes
  14. Liquid and plastic limit testing set
  15. Laboratory glassware
  16. Volumetric cylinders
  17. General equipment for geotechnical testing (tampers, plastic containers, buckets and plastic boxes)
  18. Full set of sieves according to ASTM E-11
  19. CBR multispeed testing machine (50KN)
  20. Load cell 50 KΝ
  21. Proctor testing machine
  22. Mould for modified Proctor test
  23. CBR moulds
  24. Sand and cone testing set for the determination of the compaction degree
  25. Nuclear gauge for the determination of the compaction degree (TROXLER)

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