The first quality control laboratory
accredited by ESYD tested asphalt
mixtures according to EN

Bituminous Mixtures Testing Equipment

Indicative, the equipment of bituminous mixtures includes:

  1. Binder extraction apparatus
  2. Separation of mineral matter apparatus
  3. Solvent recovery apparatus
  4. Vacuum pump
  5. Automatic Marshall impact compactor according to ASTM standards
  6. Automatic Marshall impact compactor according to EN standards
  7. Marshall moulds according to EN and ASTM standards
  8. Marshall specimens water bath
  9. Test set for the determination of indirect tensile strength and of water sensibility of bituminous specimens
  10. Multispeed compression tester 50 KN capacity for the determination of Marshall stability
  11. Travelling beam device for testing surface irregularity
  12. MOT straightedge measurement with two wedges
  13. Sand patch apparatus
  14. Skid resistance tester

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