The first quality control laboratory
accredited by ESYD tested asphalt
mixtures according to EN

Quality Policy

Providing our clients with the required services that meet their needs and comply with the current legislations along with achieving the corporate quality goals constitutes our primary principal and commitment.

Customers can gain access to our services as long as they agree with Bitulab terms and accept the pricing policy of our lab.

To achieve the above, Bitulabs’ administration:

  • Applies Quality Control System according to EN 17025 as well as all the regulations imposed by E.S.Y.D. (Hellenic Accreditation System).
  • Ensures technical efficiency of the lab in order to provide accurate results and known uncertainty? for each test conducted.
  • Ensures the availability of the experienced staff of the lab for every test that undertakes.
  • Ensures the confidentiality of the results as well as the data protection of the clients by the staff.
  • Reviews and improves the efficiency and the effectiveness of the processes applied as well as the Quality Control System.
  • Sets quality goals, capable of being measured, in a corporate, operational and divisional level. In addition to that, it sets quality goals as far as the processes applied are concerned. These goals are set and reviewed during the Quality Control System Review by the administration of the laboratory.
  • Provides the necessary resources for the unimpeded, efficient and effective operation of each laboratory division.
  • Provides laboratory experienced professionals and invests on their ongoing training and updating so as for them to be able to promote Quality in every aspect of their work.
  • Ensures the intact and independent operation of the laboratory.
  • Informs the staff about the individual parts of the Quality System as far as tests are concerned, ensures the access to the documentation of the Quality Control System and makes sure that they operate according to the Policy of the laboratory.
  • Is committed to ensure the application of the good common practices.

Adopting the principal of continuous improvement, Bitulab Ltd recognizes and rewards teamwork and personal effort, invests on people and respects its clients.


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