The first quality control laboratory
accredited by ESYD tested asphalt
mixtures according to EN


Bitulab Ltd, an Independent Industrial Research Laboratory that was established in May 2010, provides a wide range of testing services on a variety of road construction materials and environmental parameters. The materials include aggregates, bituminous mixtures, bituminous binders, asphalt and soil testing while the parameters consist of road marking for performance, testing on industrial discharges and products of biological wastewater treatments.

Bitulab Ltd is focused on meeting the quality requirements of today’s industry by providing testing services in a wide range of different sectors, such as construction companies, production units of bituminous mixtures and bituminous binders, quarries and monitoring environmental parameters in an even wider range of industrial units. Furthermore, in an effort to provide our clients with integrated services we hand over prompt, practical and reliable solutions by offering results assessment and consultancy services. In addition to that, Bitulab Ltd organizes training seminars and workshops in quality assurance systems for engineers, gaffers, lab technicians and others.

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