The first quality control laboratory
accredited by ESYD tested asphalt
mixtures according to EN

Bituminous Emulsions and Asphalt Testing Equipment

Indicative, the bituminous emulsions and asphalt testing equipment includes:

  1. Efflux viscometer according to EN standards
  2. pH meter
  3. Cleveland flash tester
  4. Breaking value apparatus
  5. Hot plate
  6. Saybolt viscometer
  7. Engler viscometer
  8. Particle charge tester
  9. Stoppered glass graduated cylinder for the determination of settling tendency of bituminous emulsions
  10. Glass connecting tube with water-cooled condenser for the distillation of the emulsified asphalt
  11. Ductility moulds
  12. Elastic recovery moulds
  13. Ductility testing machine
  14. Penetration testing machine
  15. Ring and ball apparatus
  16. Asphalt permeability apparatus
  17. Rotary evaporator
  18. Rolling thin film oven
  19. Spectrometer
  20. Apparatus for the distillation of the emulsified asphalt
  21. Breaking point apparatus (FRASS)
  22. Glass viscometers
  23. Bacon sampler

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