The first quality control laboratory
accredited by ESYD tested asphalt
mixtures according to EN

Industrial Research Laboratory
Quality Control of
Hot mix asphalt specimens,
Bitumen and bituminous binders
We invest on people
We respect our clients
Quality Control System according to EN 17025
Scope of Accreditation
High Scientific Training
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Industrial Research Laboratory

Our laboratory is the first laboratory in Greece to be accredited by ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for testing bituminous mixtures according to the European standard EN13108-1. The Greek Technical Standards are harmonized with the European standards, thus Bitulab is fully capable of delivering its services to any client interested.


Bitulab Ltd, an Independent Industrial Research Laboratory, performs in situ and laboratory tests of soil mechanics, aggregates, asphalt, bituminous mixtures, bituminous emulsions, concrete, all the parameters of industrial discharges, products of biological wastewater treatments, road marking performance for road users and fixed  vertical road traffic signs.

In addition to that Bitulab Ltd can perform quality control tests for Private or Public projects in Greece or abroad.

Quality policy

Basic principle and commitment of the Laboratory “BITULAB Ltd.” but also the philosophy of each of its executives, is to provide customers with services that fully meet their contractual requirements, to comply with the relevant legal and regulatory requirements and to achieve the quality objectives set by the company.

The laboratory tests are performed with modern means and automated devices by experienced and specialized personnel either in the fixed facilities of the company, or by providing full laboratory services on site.

The Bitulab laboratory has the appropriate logistical infrastructure, experienced and trained staff to perform a large number of laboratory tests

For any question or query

Call us: +30 23820 99577

Do not hesitate to contact our support team to learn more about the services!


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